about us

Laiken Consulting is a full service consulting firm. We specialize in E-Commerce, Logistics, and Internet Services. We pride ourselves in offering the highest levels of customer satisfaction while exceeding our customers' expectations.
At Laiken Consulting we help make your business better by teaching you our unique ways of doing business smarter. Smarter business is more efficient, costs less, and produces greater sales and ultimately more profit.

why choose us?


We have REAL business experience. Mr. Laiken started an online retail business with no financing or seed funding and successfully made the business profitable within 2 months and exceeded $10 Million in sales in less than five years.


We have the tools to help you succeed and increase your ROI. We provide real world solutions that return amazing results in record time. We share our network of top-tier contrators with our clients to streamline your workflow and put money in your pocket.


We know what works! Through our many years of experience we have fine tuned our methods and know what works within many different industries and applications. Let us help you get back to having fun doing what you do best.