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We can assist you with all aspects of your online business. We can design and implement a new website or E-Commerce platform that will generate more business via our proven SEO and social media strategies.


Let us analyze your current methods and we will ensure that you are working as efficiently as possible. We can suggest numerous cost-effective strategies to streamline your operation, thus increasing profits.


One of our many strengths is tight integration between departments, vendors, and different platforms of technologies. Let us help you integrate all aspects of your business to save you time and money.

how we work?

Business. Smarter.

At Laiken Consulting our passion is to make your business smarter. This simple idea extends to all aspects of your business from manufacturing to logistics to customer service and everything in between. We apply this theory to everything we do and it ensures that our methods will increase efficincy, streamline workflows and ultimately save you money.

There is not just one way to run a business and thus there is not just one way to help make your business function more efficiently. We carefully analyze your current systems and methods and suggest changes that are more easily accepted by your long-time employees. We understand that change can be hard and that's why we work with you in stages to ensure a smooth transition and great results. We know you will be thrilled when your business is smarter.